Monica Sorelle


“We are our own sun.”
– Ousmane Sembene
Lost Underground
2021, two-channel HD color video with sound, 10:25
Directed by GeoVanna Gonzalez
Produced by Monica Sorelle and Pamela Largaespada

Cinematography by Jessica Bennett
Edited by Juan Luis Matos
Original Score and Sound Design by LOKA
Original Poetry by Akia Dorsainvil
Costumes by PIATORI
Color by Javier “Bilu” Coello
Lost Underground is an experimental dance film exploring the role of queer clubs as spaces of communal care, liberation, and self-preservation, both prior to and during the pandemic. The film is also accompanied with a structural installation created by multidisciplinary artist GeoVanna Gonzalez where visitors can walk through and experience the film.

Akia Dorsainvil and Yesenia “LOKA” Rojas

Marceline Steel, Phunky Spit, Arsimmer McCoy, Sabrina Rose, Luz Estrella, Michelle Lisa Polissaint, Najja Moon, Terrell Villiers, and Monica Sorelle

Screenings & Exhibitions
Common Space, Oolite Arts, Miami, FL
Untitled Art Fair, Miami Beach, FL
South Arts 2022 Southern Prize and State Fellows Exhbition
   The Bo Bartlett Center, Columbus, GA
   Steven F. Gately Gallery, Florence, SC
   701 Center for Contemporary Art, Columbia, SC
   Hilliard Art Museum, Lafayette, LA
Untitled Art

Photo Credit: Pedro Wazzan

Supported by Oolite Arts, Commissioner, Maven Leadership Collective, & Kismet Creative Studio