Monica Sorelle


“We are our own sun.”
– Ousmane Sembene

HOW TO: Oh, look at me
2021, HD color video with sound, 11:26
Directed by GeoVanna Gonzalez
Produced by Monica Sorelle

Cinematography by Jessica Bennett
Edited by Juan Luis Matos
Choreography by Alondra Balbuena & Cheina Ramos
Original Poetry by Arsimmer McCoy & Zaina Alsous
Original Score by Batrypowr
Costume Design by GeoVanna Gonzalez & Nicole Miglis
HOW TO: Oh, look at me is the film component to multidisciplinary artist GeoVanna Gonzalez’s sculptural installation of the same name. Dancers and poets interact with one another through words and movement, encountering one another and seeking reprieve from the constructs of our current reality. Revolving around Gonzalez‘s deconstructed playground, HOW TO contends with modern-day personal relationships and how we navigate the realities of our virtual existence. 

Alondra Balbuena, Cheina Ramos, Arsimmer McCoy, Zaina Alsous, and Batrypowr

Screenings & Exhibitions
GeoVanna Gonzalez: HOW TO: Oh, look at me, Locust Projects, Miami, FL
SoundScape Park, Miami Beach, FL
ScreenDance Miami
Miami Design District
Locust Projects

Photo Credit: Locust Projects

Supported by Locust Projects, Miami Light Project, Kismet Creative Studio, & Commissioner