Monica Sorelle


“We are our own sun.”
– Ousmane Sembene
Ghosts of Little Haiti
2015-present, ongoing digital photography series
Ghosts of Little Haiti imagines the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood as an eventual ghost town - abandoned, rusted, and untouched.  As the neighborhood changes due to climate gentrification, what cultural markers will remain in the wake of a shifting demographic? Color images are landscapes with remnants of what was built, created, and potentially left behind. Juxtaposed with monochrome images busy with human silhouettes, flags, and protest, it is my intention to explore what was versus what will be.

Group Exhibitions
On the Road II, Oolite Arts, Miami, FL
Rupture/Ruptura, UMD Latin American Studies Center, College Park, MD
Miami New Times
The New Tropic
Create! Magazine